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Elementary Math Grades Review
Chalk Dust for the Elementary Grades by Cathy Duffy 2005
Grades 3, 4, and 5 -- $69 each plus $12 shipping and handling
1 CD-ROM (or online access) plus Binder

I have to add a note about Chalk Dust's new computer-based math courses for the elementary grades, marketed under the trade name Math Matters. These courses for grade levels 3, 4, and 5 (thus far) were developed under the direction of Dana Mosely of Chalk Dust. The courses include colorful illustrations and animations as well as voice instruction for a key topic in each lesson.

You can choose to purchase either online access to a course or the CD-ROM that contains the course. both come with a three-ring binder that includes tests, answers, and other material.

Each course has approximately 180 lessons and covers an entire year's math curriculum. All lessons include cumulative review. Some of the lessons allow the student to type answers in blanks provided, while others call for written work from the student. Written midchapter and chapter tests are provided in the binder.

Unlike other math courses offered by Chalk Dust, students are not expected to work independently. Parents will still have to monitor and control the learning experience due to the grade levels involved.

Students also have the opportunity to take tests written in the standardized format called M-CAT (Math Comprehensive Assessment Tests). These self-correcting tests appear at the end of each chapter (on the CD-ROM and may be printed before self-correcting).

Product Page Sample Lesson 1
Sample Lesson 2
To order Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5 please contact Chalk Dust at 800-588-7564.
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